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H.E Abeer ODEH chaired PIPA‘s BoD first meeting
PIPA held a BoD meeting on Sunday, August 30th 2015. H.E Abeer ODEH chaired the first meeting with a welcome note to the Board member from the private and public sectors. Subjects related to promoting investment in Palestine, new projects, and development plans were discussed in the meeting. H.E stressed on the importance of strengthening the partnership between the private and the public sectors to achieve the goals of the Palestinian government in creating  a suitable business environment, as well as enabling the private sector to implement its activities and programs to achieve economic development to the Palestinian society. Talal Abu Ghazaleh Company also presented the progress in the restructuring plan of PIPA. Updating the strategic frame work of PIPA, moving forward with PIPA’s action plan for 2015, discussing the proposed future plan by  external expert ;Mr. David Brown were also areas that were discussed in the meeting.  It is important to mention that the restructuring project, as well as contracting with the external expert in IPAs happened through the Palestinian market development programme (PMDP).