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Stone and Marble
Stone and Marble
Stone and Marble sector represent 4.8% of the Palestinian Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The average annual sales of the sector are approximately $600 million Technology in use is mostly semiautomatic for 85%, with some automatic equipment for 15% of the sector. 95% of the raw material comes from local sources.
The easiest and closest market for the Palestinian Stone and Marble business is Israel, which constitutes about 65% of sales. The West Bank is the second largest consumer that results in around one quarter of total sales.

The Middle East region also counts as a strong market with an increasing potential as a neighboring market that is supported by existing distribution systems. Some leading companies have successfully penetrated the American and European markets. Overall, the Palestinian stone has high export potential, and is similar to the marble currently exchanged in world markets with a variety of colors and characteristics.

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  • 1,124 facilities, directly employs 25,000 workers.
  • The productivity of this sector is around 600 million dollars annually.
  • The added value of the stone and marble industry is 54% of the production value, or $ 33 million dollars annually.
  • Palestine is characterized by the presence of high-quality natural stocks that are high in quality and come in multiple types.
  • Palestine ranked 12th globally in the stone industry.


The Union of Stone and Marble: Established in 1996, the USM-Palestine is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit membership-based organization dedicated to promoting the goals and protecting the needs of the Palestinian stone and marble producers. The USM has been the leading representative of the industry members since its establishment. Currently USM has 3 regional offices in Hebron, Nablus and Jenin, while its headquarters is located in Bethlehem.