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Life in Palestine
The overall Palestinian business community is marked by its entrepreneurial nature. in addition to the history of reliance on Israel for many goods and services, almost every business established in Palestine will have a niche market of needs to fulfill.

In addition, returning Palestinians from the US, Europe, and around the world have become accustomed to a certain level of professionalism and a certain quality and standard of goods. These standards and needs are becoming visible as the number of ISO certified businesses are increasing locally.

Many owners of large enterprises have international contacts and experience. In the past, business development and trade were directed towards Europe and the Gulf, more recently, however, local entrepreneurs have been turning to North America for partnerships, joint ventures and technical expertise.

All this said, Palestinians are extremely hospitable people, and it would be unheard of not to make a guest feel welcome in our country. It is very much the norm to discuss plans and opportunities over a cup of strong Arabic coffee or mint tea, or to be invited to dinner at a family home, or out to a restaurant for a meal. Also, politics are very much the topic of the day and if you want local insight, all you have to do is ask.

Pay no attention to what is said of the Palestinians on the news; we really are a generous, welcoming people with a strong drive to build our economy.
A prosperous Palestine is truly the strongest first step towards a lasting and just peace in the region.

Language & dress:

The majority of Palestinian business people speak English, but it is advisable when negotiating contractual and legal documents to employ the services of a reliable translator, and/or a local attorney, to assist with the deal.

Palestinians tend to dress formally for business, usually in western business suits. In non-business situations, men and women tend to dress with an eye towards conservatism.

Business cards are always exchanged and appointments can be made on short notice.
The official working days during a week are from Sunday – Thursday. From 8:00 am until 15:00 pm, some private sector organizations operate until 17:30 pm, this varies by firm; some take Fridays off, others are closed on Sundays.