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Support programs and Investment Incentives

Where some see problems and obstacles, others see challenges and opportunities. Today’s Palestine presents growth and investment opportunities for companies both large and small. There is much work to be done in infrastructure, energy, transportation, and communications. Palestine’s established industries such as food processing, stone and marble works, agriculture, and tourism also welcome new ideas in management and marketing. IPIEA is Palestine outward expression of its policy of entrusting the development of the economy to the private sector, government’s role is focused on creating and nurturing a good investment climate. For investors, early comers are the biggest winners. Now is the time.

Investment Incentives
  • Fixed assets are exempted from customs duties
  • Spare parts important by the enterprise shall be exempt from customs duties provided that their value does not exceed (15%) of the fixed assets
  • Investors may freely transfer all financial resources out of Palestine At the applicable market currency exchange rates in effect the time of transfer In a convertible currency acceptable to the investor
  • Income tax (%0) for the Agriculture projects, industrial and tourism projects (5%) Up to Five years and 10% for 3 years, preceded by a grace period of a maximum of four years or until they generate a profit
  • Investment that increases their production exports for more than (40%)
  • Investment use (70%). Of the local content.
  • Investments that employ additional at least 25 workers during the period of benefit
  • No distinction between foreign or domestic investors

Palestinian investment climate based on many of components which support the investment such as:

  • The Arab Investment & Export Credit Guarantee Corporation "Dhaman"
    is a pan-Arab organization owned by the governments of Arab states & 4 Arab financial institutions, established in April 1974 as the first multilateral investment guarantee provider in the world, based in Kuwait and rated "AA Negative outlook" by Standard & Poor's.

  • Promote the flow of foreign direct investment (FDI) into Arab countries through providing political risk insurance to Arab & non-Arab investors and lenders.
  • Enhance Arab exports through providing political and commercial risk insurance to Arab exporters.
  • Support Arab domestic trade through providing commercial risk insurance to B to B sales.
  • Support economic growth in Arab countries through providing political & commercial risk insurance to non-Arab exporters and financial institutions involved in the sales of commodities, raw materials, equipment and other developmentally sound goods and services to Arab importers.
  • Carry out research and knowledge sharing activities, technical assistance to Arab FDI promotion agencies and cooperation with Arab & International organizations involved in investment promotion.
  • Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
    MIGA is a member of the World Bank Group. Their mission is to promote foreign direct investment (FDI) into developing countries to help support economic growth, reduce poverty, and improve people's lives
  • Foundation of Orphans Funds Development & Administration
    The Institution Established by an Act of the Palestinian Legislative Council No (14) (2005), the Foundation is working to take care of minors and orphans funds aimed at preservation and development through its investment in accordance with the Islamic modes of financing
  • SUNREF Palestine
    The lending programme that promotes green growth, and Funding by The Agence Française de Développement (AFD) to help businesses and individuals in Palestine to seize the opportunity of the renewable energy