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Drugs and pharmaceuticals

The Evolution of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Palestine
The pharmaceutical industry in is unique and distinctive, as the industry began actual production in 1969, and in small quantities and capabilities. The productivity was modest due to technology and production ations.  In the mid-seventies, the number of companies reached nine companies, because of the increasing demand for drugs and the high financial returns on investment. As a result, the number of patented drugs reached 691 in 1983, and increased to 800 in 1995.
The number of pharmaceutical companies that manufactured medicines for human consumption was 6 companies, in addition to 6 other companies that manufactured veterinary medicines. Four of the human pharmaceutical factories were certified for good manufacturing practice, while the rest of the factories, laboratories, and private factories for veterinary medicines are undergoing a rehabilitation process to obtain this certificate.


Current Market Place
Palestinian pharmaceutical companies have expanded their production capacity and product lines at a rate of 7-10% per annum over the past 25 years. Product lines are focused on meeting the needs of the Palestinian market place

There are currently six major Palestinian companies with approximately $45 million in capital investment. All are members of the Union of Palestinian Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers, UPPM

70% Percent of local producers are located in the West Bank. The remaining companies operate in the Gaza Strip, and are distributed as follow: 60% for the Israel market, 25% for the local market and 0.15% for Arab market and exported to other countries.